04 January 2012

Dressing the Golden Globe Nominees: Actress, Miniseries or TV Movie Edition

Dressing the Golden Globe Nominees is a week-long series devoted to seeking out the best dresses for all the nominated females in both television and film leading up to the awards on Sunday, January 15. Each day we'll look at a new category and a new batch of actresses because they totally haven't already had their outfits chosen by paid professionals already for like months now.  All of the dresses are from the Spring 2012 RTW collections.

Romola Garai, The Hour (BBC America)

Romola Garai rocked the late 50s, early 60s apparel in The Hour, and we've seen her primly dressed as a World War II era nurse in Atonement, but for the Globes I'd love to see her sport this beachy 40s-style Roland Mouret. Since she has breasts where most of her peers have bones, this shape would be extremely flattering, and the hint of skin keeps it from looking too demure or business-like.

Diane Lane, Cinema Verité (HBO)

Diane Lane, you saucy minx, I see you in this Carolina Herrera. The cross-neck strap will show off your toned shoulders, the light color (I seriously thought this was white but now it's coming across as minty green...but my decision still holds) will accentuate your perpetually sun-kissed skin tone, and the belt will make it look younger than your usual red carpet dress. You don't need to pull out the satin and brooch combination till you're 90, dear, and even then, let's talk - I'm sure there are other options to explore.

Elizabeth McGovern, Downton Abbey (PBS)

Elizabeth McGovern also has a fabulous body, so I hate to even suggest something as covered up as this Prabal Gurung, but you look so damn elegant in your Downton frocks that I thought a modern take on the long sleeve would be appropriate. Plus, few of us in this world can look like anything other than an encased sausage in sleeves and silhouettes this slim, so do us a favor and be the person to pull it off. Also, purple is totally your color. Just make sure to take a few flash photos before leaving the house in case this thing is secretly see-through. But maybe you wouldn't care since there are kind of a shocking number of nude photos of you that come up with a simple "Elizabeth McGovern" search.

Emily Watson, Appropriate Adult (ITV)

Oh, Google. You're so accidentally judgmental sometimes. A simple search for "Emily Watson Red Carpet" was returned with a "Did You Mean EMMA WATSON?" So yes, I can see why Emily Watson might have some sartorial self-consciousness. But if people are paying that little attention anyway, why don't you take a risk with this innocently provocative navy Nina Ricci? It's covered up without being matronly, and form-fitting without being too restricting. Frumpy and loose clothes are fine sometimes, but this is an evening event, so have some fun with it.

Kate Winslet, Mildred Pierce (HBO)

Kate Winslet has been sporting the body conscious looks ever since she went all blonde and tan on us. We know you're into the tight bodice and the illusion coloring, so change it up a little bit and show some leg with this drape-y Elie Saab?

Tomorrow we'll look at Supporting Actress, Television, with Maggie Smith, Evan Rachel Wood, Sofia Vergara, and others. 

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