15 February 2011

One Day: A Tale of Bad Timing and Indecisiveness

Yesterday, Focus Features released the poster* for Lone Scherfig's upcoming movie One Day, based on the David Nicholls book of the same title.

Nice passion, but IS IT LOVE?
(via The Playlist)

Though the tagline ("twenty years, two people...one day") makes it sound like Blue Valentine lite, One Day promises to obey a more classically appealing Hollywood structure. The story checks in with Emma and Dex (Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess) every July 15th for 20 years, starting with college graduation and ending in middle age. According to a New York Times book review, it's a long "will they/won't they" saga leading to infuriating encounters like July 15th #11 when Emma confesses that she has thought about Dex every day since they met, Dex shares that he has done the same, and then informs Emma that he is engaged to someone else. Without knowing much more about the story, the gimmick strikes me as incredibly vapid and dangerously neglectful of the depth and complexities of the other 7,280 days in these characters' lives. So kind of When Harry Met Sally meets Serendipity. Ugh.

Anyway, even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Scherfig's adaptation of An Education, and One Day has the potential to be little more than a precocious tale of an indecisive generation, I'm still interested to see what she does with this concept and her two very likable leads. Release a trailer now, please, so I can judge the music choices that they choose to represent 1988 through 2007....

*Assumed inspirations for One Day's poster include:





Human Sense said...

Don't you remember that movie "Same Time Next Year," with Alan Alda and Glenda Jackson [?] It was a tasteful piece about two lovers who had a tryst at a resort on the Mendocino coast every year when he came out for a dentist [?] convention and she got away from her fam. It had a lot of catharsis, although it wasn't tied to an annual event.

ldbahr said...

I didn't know about that movie! Thanks, that's good to know, I'll have to check it out.

Kyle said...

How could you forget this? Maybe the coolest idea in the movie:


but if we're impersonating record covers, this is the greatest:



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