03 November 2010

Having Tea with Graham Greene

Women Reading should be the kind of site that I love. And yet, after spending some time there, my enchantment quickly turned to annoyed rage.

The images in and of themselves are indeed lovely and are pulled from a wide variety of sources like paintings, magazine spreads, and flickr. But looking at shot after shot of extremely styled waifs half-reading in the middle of various sun-soaked fields starts to get both tiring and comical after the third page. They all look so SERIOUS and SELF-CONGRATULATORY, and really are kind of funny when you start to realize that they all kind of fit into a few categories.

Women Reading The Little Prince

Women Reading in Fields 

Women Reading in the Woods

Women Reading Scripts 
(because they are actresses) 

Women Not Really Reading
(but just happen to be near lots of books)

Women Reading in Pastel 

Women Peeking Coyly Over the Book that they're Probably Not Reading

1 comment:

tcspears said...

I'm surprised how low the ratio of angsty to non-angsty pics on that site is.


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