09 November 2010

Dressing in Dodecahedra

SWINTON would be all over this dress.

Geometry fashion!

(via Amelia Hrustic and Make)


tcspears said...

Given the subject matter, I feel compelled to comment again. This is great; nerdy and aesthetically pleasing. They could make it a tad nerdier though by doing something like using 4 dimensional dodecahedra, like this sculpture: http://www.bathsheba.com/math/120cell/.

ldbahr said...

$450 well spent! 4-D? Holy moly. I need to start learning about this.

tcspears said...

The plastic one is more in my price range

tcspears said...

Also, men's cufflinks are the logical accessory for this kind of design -- http://www.shapeways.com/model/25846/ora.html?gid=ug4660

That shapeways site actually allows you to upload a design and have them custom make it into a pair of cufflinks. Fashion via rapid prototyping!



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