25 October 2010

She Just Likes to Fight

Carey Mulligan is just getting cooler by the day. Proof? She's broken up with the slimy seeming Shia LaBoeuf and is living at a $69/night Best Western in Los Angeles.

photo by Mikael Jansson for Interview

But not all Best Westerns were created equal.  This particular branch is home to the super hip/not hip at all/isn't that the point late night diner the 101, where I've seen my fair share of 20-something celebs picking at sweet potato fries in the early morning hours, and I don't even live in Los Angeles.

(via New York Magazine)


Kyle said...

Is this a Four Tet reference?

Does Carey Mulligan like Four Tet?

Is Carey Mulligan Four Tet?

I think that's what you just inferred.

ldbahr said...

I thought it was a little more obvious than that.


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