26 October 2010

Here Comes My Baby

When nothing you do is original, and everything even vaguely twee, hipster, or precious can be mocked mercilessly (and sometimes deservedly), and categorized and stereotyped immediately, any attempts at pop culture homage seem destined to fail.  Now that the brilliant Alex Blagg has parodied the insidious alternative wedding trend, we're all kind of doomed to be conventional if only to save ourselves from the embarrassment of this painfully accurate parody of the folks who fancy themselves unique. If it's vanilla and if you're not trying too hard, who can really judge it?  This is especially true after finding out from an excerpted N+1 article that apparently the real modern hipster movement only lasted till about 2003...and everything since has been derivative.

And yet, there are some brave souls out there still. Consider "Sean and Hayden." Instead of mailing a normal save the date, they created a short film in the style of...WES ANDERSON. Yes, Wes, the twee-est of all the twee directors destined, I think, for some sort of Burton-esque backlash in the next few years. Proof? The preppies covet Margot Tenenbaum.

Anyway, Sean and Hayden's save the date is a love letter to Rushmore and they got it all right, from the font, to the music, to the images. And you know what? It's actually kind of charming.

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