16 September 2010

Blue Valentine

Why, oh why does it take a film that premiered in January 2010 to great critical success almost an entire year to become widely distributed? IT IS SO UNFAIR. 

Even Nathan Rabin was moved:
Watching Derek Cianfrance’s excruciatingly intimate drama Blue Valentine felt like reliving the most agonizing moments of every romantic relationship I’ve ever had, but in a good way. 
Anyway, the release date is sort of, almost around the corner (well, December, but whatever), meaning we finally have a trailer....

BLUE VALENTINE: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: John Doman, Blue Valentine

...and a beautiful magazine cover....

...and awkwardly delightful quotes about the, er, intimate scenes. 

9/16/2010 UPDATE (1:36PM): FINE, IT'S NOT A TRAILER.


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