04 May 2010

Robert Downey, Jr.

“I think a hero is someone who, if abroad or traveling, they go to the GOOP website to see what shops to go to, what restaurants to eat at, what clothes to buy, and they do that not fearlessly but in spite of their fear."
-Robert Downey, Jr. at the Iron Man 2 press conference 
(via Movieline)

I realize that this might be a little...er...controversial...but now that Robert Downey, Jr.is a certified a-list, super successful, widely recognized talent and celebrity, does his arrogant, sarcastic, jerk persona just come across as a bit much?  Now don't get me wrong, I have loved him since Less Than Zero, and will basically watch any movie or television show that he appears in (except, probably for his stint on Saturday Night Live). Also, I can't wait for Iron Man 2, and agree that GOOP pretty much exists to be made fun of....but perhaps he shouldn't be saying things like this in front of his co-star who pours her heart, soul, and years of high end consumer experience into the site when promoting a movie with her. Or maybe it's just all in good fun. Ultimately, if this is what we must tolerate to continue watching him in the movies, so be it.

Anyway, let's forget this unpleasantness and reflect upon the ridiculousness that is the movie adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero


Chris said...

Honestly? I think this is him being playful. I believe his mental train jumps around to a lot of tracks and if you don't think that that he may seem hard to follow. This sounds to me like him giving the GOOP site a nudging plug, all very *wink, wink*

That said, I love that you're not denouncing him and your love of his work despite potentially taking exception to his comments. Too many people these days go all knee jerk.

ldbahr said...

I suppose you're right. And the thing is (which I haven't explained well) I like his teasing/playful (as you put it) persona. It worked especially well when he was merely a star that just popped up once in a while to charm the pants off of men and women alike. We'd all forget about him and then be delightfully surprised the next time he showed up.

Now that he is a veritable BIG DEAL though, he's kind of always around, meaning this could potentially grow tiresome or begin to seem mean spirited. Or maybe not...

Dean Treadway said...

And let's not forget him lying on the bed, legs up in the air, shouting "Do me" in BACK TO SCHOOL. We cannot forget that.


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