24 May 2010

Sulks and Silences

Dear Readers, 

I'm taking a break for travel and work this week.  I'll return in June with new posts. 


11 May 2010

Pretty Girls and their Delusions

This week in horrifying Lindsay Lohan news, in addition to possibly signing on to play Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace (alliteration twins, heh), Lohan has expressed her desire to play Kate Moss as well.  This news inspires a number of questions.  Here are five: 

1. Huh?
2. Since when is Kate Moss' life worthy of a bio-pic? 
3. Isn't it truly bizarre to want to portray someone only ten years your senior who happens to still be quite alive and relevant (possibly even more so than you)?  
4. Is there any way that this is anything other than an exercise in delusional vanity?  
5. Do we think that this might actually happen?

10 May 2010

Rodarte and Breathless

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of Jean-Luc Godard's film Breathless, the Mulleavy sisters (collectively known as Rodarte) are releasing two commemorative t-shirts to be sold at Barney's, Colette, and Dover Street Market. No word yet on the price or release date, but apparently one of the shirts will recreate the iconic New York Herald Tribune tee that Jean Seberg sported.  

Anyone with a logo file and a credit card can have a knock off made fairly easily, and cheaply for that matter.  This website also sells versions in ever concievable style (long sleeve, short sleeve, ringer, baby doll) and color, all for under $20.  And I'm actually shocked that Urban Outfitters hasn't done this yet.

I suppose we're to believe that this Rodarte/Rialto/Barneys version is special, but I'm not convinced.  It IS just a t-shirt after all, and possibly too iconic to even attempt to pull off.  Jean Seberg did it quite well and I'm not going to pretend like I'd be anything other than a disservice to the look.

08 May 2010

The Junior Varsity: Faux Naturale

My first post is up at The Junior Varsity's newly launched art, fashion, and advertising channel Arriviste.   It's about the disingenuous no-makeup trend in model and celebrity land, that has since expanded to the red carpet. Your move, overdone fame whores

Heidi Klum in People magazine (via Huffington Post)

04 May 2010

How I Met Your Mother: Twin Beds

This week How I Met Your Mother finally addresses the fact that Robin has been in serious relationships with two out of her four best friends - one of whom is her totally platonic roomie now.  Weird, right?  Anyway, read my full post here

Robert Downey, Jr.

“I think a hero is someone who, if abroad or traveling, they go to the GOOP website to see what shops to go to, what restaurants to eat at, what clothes to buy, and they do that not fearlessly but in spite of their fear."
-Robert Downey, Jr. at the Iron Man 2 press conference 
(via Movieline)

I realize that this might be a little...er...controversial...but now that Robert Downey, Jr.is a certified a-list, super successful, widely recognized talent and celebrity, does his arrogant, sarcastic, jerk persona just come across as a bit much?  Now don't get me wrong, I have loved him since Less Than Zero, and will basically watch any movie or television show that he appears in (except, probably for his stint on Saturday Night Live). Also, I can't wait for Iron Man 2, and agree that GOOP pretty much exists to be made fun of....but perhaps he shouldn't be saying things like this in front of his co-star who pours her heart, soul, and years of high end consumer experience into the site when promoting a movie with her. Or maybe it's just all in good fun. Ultimately, if this is what we must tolerate to continue watching him in the movies, so be it.

Anyway, let's forget this unpleasantness and reflect upon the ridiculousness that is the movie adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero

03 May 2010

Ethereal Photography

From Canadian photographer Lissy Laricchia, please enjoy some pictures that just made my Monday morning. 

Get Back in Your Book, Alice

A New Friend


Amazing Grace

Calm Before the Storm


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