15 April 2010

Target and a Coppola

In just a few weeks, designer Zac Posen's collection for Target will be released, much to the delight of cash strapped, Vogue reading girls everywhere.  I've been following Target's designer collaborations since the beginning, always making sure to at least stop by a store the weekend of the debut (there was of course the embarrassing time when I made two college friends accompany me to a store with the intent of arriving when it opened because I was sure that the Skokie, Illinois Target would sell out of the Proenza Schouler line immediately, only to discover that we were in fact the only silly girls there.)  And yet, in spite of my devotion, I'm pretty consistently disappointed with the inventory.  It's as if the designers are tickled by the novelty of producing clothes on the cheap, and thus don't feel compelled to disguise the inexpensive look and feel.  I wonder if they realize that all we want are afforable copies of their high end stuff. 

Target has leaked a few images of the Zac Posen clothes, and they seem all over the place - from sweet, floral dresses, to punky, blood red club wear, and apparently they are alterable. 

 In an interview from Teen Vogue, via Yahoo, Posen said “We made the ruffles detachable, like a Judy Garland apron. You can wear it as a skirt over the dress; undo it and drape it over your shoulders à la Cristóbal Balenciaga; or if you don’t want any frou, take it off and you have a sexy date dress.” He failed to comment on whether or not the socks were optional.  

And, in the spirit of selling a lifestyle, Posen asked his friend Gia Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola's grandaughter, niece of Sofia, cousin of Jason Schwartzman, etc, etc) to direct a promotional video for the line. Coppola asked her friends to star - a band called The Like.  What beneficial friendships for all!

Anyway, I have no idea what this has to do with the clothes. The video shows the band goofing around in black and white in a hotel room, pretending like they're some important band from the 60s, right down to the eyeliner and hairstyles, and then jumps to a neon stage where we see them performing the forgettable, sometimes off key song "Fair Game."  The singer with the Twiggy eyes and haircut keeps you watching, but in the end, you come out having seen hardly any clothes and wondering why these girls are people you'd want to emulate. 

In spite of the video and my history with target collections, I'll be at the Columbia Heights target on April 25th, credit card in hand and expectations high.  See you there.

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Kit Pollard said...

I have been freaking out about the floral dress with the big bow in front since the first time I saw the lookbook, months ago. If it doesn't fit me, I'm going to be sorely disappointed.

I agree about the quality of the designer stuff, though I have picked up a few decent pieces. I have a Proenza Schouler skirt that's really nicely made (but kind of Brooks Brothersy, design-wise) and an Anna Sui dress that's super cute and I've gotten tons of wear out of it.

Some of the Liberty stuff is pretty nice, too. And I would know, since I bought ALL of it.


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