09 April 2010

A Guide for Fame

Pretty reasonable advice on getting famous from the movie Basquait (Julian Schnabel, 1996), wouldn't you say?

How long do you think it takes to get famous? 

For a musician or a painter?

Whatever. Famous. 

Four years. Six to get rich. 
First, you have to dress right.
Then, you have to hang out with famous people, you know, 
make friends with the right blonde people, go to the right parties. 

Then you gotta do your work all the time when you're not doing that. 
The same kinda work, the same style so people recognize it and
don't get confused.
Then, once you're famous, airborne, you have to keep doing it the same
way, even after it's boring--unless you want people to really get mad at you--which
they will anyway.
[via Kelly Oxford]  

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