01 April 2010

The Fake Headlines?

Would someone care to explain why Jezebel published the exact same critique of Lori Gottlieb's 2008 Atlantic article "Marry Him," two years and two months later under a different author's name?

So, is this just reiterating newsworthiness, a weird April Fools Day joke, or editorial laziness? 

(Click on the photos to see the different dates, tags, and authors)

*UPDATE (6:42PM, 5/1/10): As I scrolled down in the comments (most of which were sincere responses to the post) I realized that this is likely an April Fools joke.  And to that I say, Jezebel, I really enjoy your posts and humor, but come on, you can do something more clever than this! It's not funny or edgy.  It's just annoying.

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