30 March 2010

That Teenage Feeling

Admit it, sometimes you kind of miss being an angsty teenager, cutting up computer print outs of your favorite mournful Fiona Apple lyrics, and pasting them on your bedroom wall. (Other people did that, right?)

Well, a Lithuanian company called The Love Agency has made this self-indulgent hobby more adult by creating a series of posters depicting quotes from various songs about love, with an obvious indie bent. 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bon Iver


All have been auctioned off, and apparently the company has made quite a profit. 

My first thought: Make more! Make different ones! Design on commission! 

My second thought: Is this legal? As we all know, lyrics websites are notoriously sketchy due to copyright and ownership rules. Did this Lithuanian company manage to get permission from all of these artists and labels before they designed them? 

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