15 March 2010

March Fabulousness

I don't participate in March Madness.  I just don't care.  Usually other people don't care that I don't care, or they care briefly and scowl at me for a moment before moving on to the next person willing to waste $5 and at least a few hours of their lives.

But yeah, I'm missing out on some big shared experience and lots of conversations as a result.  So, last year this March Fabulousness bracket was made for me by someone who will remain anonymous. 

Granted no one wanted to talk to me about this, and I certainly didn't have the opportunity to win $50, but still, it's pretty awesome.


Haus of Appleton said...

Dress Barn, Patriot League champion and tournament dark horse!

Did Alexander McQueen and Bottega Venetta have the misfortune of being stuck in tough conferences, and had to duke it out in the N.I.T.?

Kit Pollard said...

You should send this to The Manolo.

Then again, the combination of Crocs and Lagerfeld might do him in.

ldbahr said...

Ha! Maybe I will. I think it rivals Fug Madess too...especially since it was created by a straight man!

ldbahr said...



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