11 March 2010

Luck be a Lady

Louis Vuitton and I have a complicated relationship. First of all, I don't actually own any of the brand's products.  Sure, most of the bags and whatnot are way too expensive for my budget, but I like to think I've taken the moral/aesthetic high ground here because (and this bring me to my second point) I find the logo to be obnoxious and one of the most odorous examples of mass market luxury gone wild. Third, they are responsible for the abysmal  Annie Leibovitz campaigin honoring the 40th anniversary (because why wait for 50!) of Apollo 11 with Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride, and Jim Lovell sitting on a tattered-looking car and gazing off at the moon with a strategically placed $1K handbag.  Makes so much sense.  Oh yeah, and then there's the Kanye obsession.  Actually, that last part is kind of funny.

Anyway, the clothing line...well, it hasn't always been good.  So I was happily surprised to see the Fall 2010 Ready to Wear collection with it's voluptuous skirts, tight ponytails, brocade fabric, leather gloves, thick tweeds, and patterned jackets. Elegant and wearable.  What a concept!  I'm swooning already and the weather in DC has just begun to get nice. 

And my goodness, the structured leather shoes with the architectural bow...well, let's just say I can't wait for J. Crew or Zara to knock them off.

Photo: Gianni Pucci / GoRunway.com

And yet, in spite of all of this praise...is Marc Jacobs actually setting trends or just reinforcing them?  This Mad Men obsession has been going on for a while now. 

 Regardless, he's come a long way from the Fall 2009 Ready to Wear looks.  

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