13 March 2010

The Beggar Prince

Black Book's Alisa Gould-Simon offers a refreshingly reasonable perspective on the homeless fashion icon phenomenon. Yes, dear readers, it's actually happened - society has found an actual homeless man and made him into a star. I've already commented on this, so I'll spare you another rant.  Just know that I still don't approve.

The Beggar Prince/The Handsom Vanguard/Brother Sharp 

Gould-Simon writes:
Who knew Wasson’s controversial comments from back in September of 2008 would find themselves so accepted just two years later? Whether it’s the nonchalance, the layering, or the dabbling in women’s wear, homeless attire has become bizzarly enticing to hipster Millenials. After all, if there’s one thing fashion and hipsters both adore: it’s irony mixed with just a bit of shock and awe. Besides, isn’t homeless chic really just the epitome of inconspicuous shopping? Seems right up the alley of another exhausted reference: the recession.

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