10 February 2010

Did You Hear About Ethan?

Some geniuses after my own heart (well, a comedy troupe called Periods) have adapted Edith Wharton's classic Ethan Frome into a 6-minute film shot as if it were an episode of The Hills.  

Of course Edith Wharton did say "silence may be as variously shaded as speech."   Perhaps the withering stare technique of The Hills was exactly what she had in mind.  

Probably not though.  

Electronically Reprocessed to Give a More Life-Like Effect

Dear readers, 

I'm sorry for the month long slump.  Dalliant & Dainty will officially resume regular posting now, although I'll likely abandon Linked & Listed for a little while.  It was...sort of fun while it lasted.  But anyway, there are good things to come, including some aesthetic tweaks to the site.

Thanks for the patience. 



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