18 January 2010

10 Things I Learned from The Golden Globes

1. Cameron Diaz's legs are 100 miles long.  And she carries her own umbrella.  Rock on.

2. Apparently the dames at the event looked plumper than usual, according to The Moment's Andy Port.  In a related story, Andy Port is blamed for the resurgence of at least 37 eating disorders.  Get ready for sinewy arms and jutting hip bones at the Oscars.

3. Robert Downey, Jr. should write acceptance speeches for everyone. 

4. The fashion world cried a bit when Carey Mulligan, clearly the most hyped young gamine this year, showed up looking droopy and braless.

Photo from NYMag.com

6. Nora Ephron isn't the most graceful loser.  She might have waited till after the ceremony to rip up her acceptance speech.

7. Every girl deserves a date as charming as Joshua Jackson.  MELT.

8. Someone should develop a technology where we can read a chosen live blog/twitter feed/whatever on our television screens during the broadcast.  Because, yes, it was kind of annoying to keep refreshing the tweets and blogs on my iphone.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one delicate looking fellow.  5' 10"?  Seriously, IMDB?

10. We should all be thankful that the cast of Mad Men doesn't style themselves for the show.  Clearly Draper and Campbell can't be left to their own devices. 

Golden Globes Backstage Portraits - Cast of Mad Men

Isn't this SO much better?  I thought so. 


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