02 December 2009

Stinging Velvet, Old Souls, and Wistfulness

Have you seen Before Sunset? You haven't seen Before Sunset?!  A day of real-time conversation while strolling the streets of Paris (like, real Paris, and not the ridiculous Montmartre-Champs Elysees-bank of the River Seine Paris of an unnamed lesser movie) between two people whose history is a one night stand 9 or 10 years prior?  Irresistible. 

Alright, I lied, there's a Seine scene.

It's all about the conversation.  Their regrets, their disappointing lives, the fictions they've constructed.  As J. Hoberman wrote in his excellent review of the film: "Their dialogue—on the nature of coincidence and memory, getting older and being in the moment, intimations of mortality and the possibility of personal change—is both the subject of the movie and a commentary on it."  A liberating day of candor between two people who really don't know eachother at all, but have been tormented and inspired for almost a decade by their delusional and romanticized connection.  So, actually, probably the perfect type of background for such honesty and reflection. 

And then of course there is Julie Delpy's "Waltz."

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