22 December 2009

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Too Late, Darling
In 2010 Lisa Loeb plans to release a line of eye glasses.  This might have been interesting when Reality Bites came out and we all loved "Stay."  That was, however, 16 years ago. 

Because it's "Funny"
A blog dedicated to the excessive and unnecessary use of quotation marks.

False Advertising
Oh, Gap.  The use of non-Gap boots in your holiday commercial might not have drawn so much attention if this year's Gap Kids holiday commercial didn't have that obnoxious pre-teen "How cute are these boots?!" brat-anthem.  How are we consumers supposed to remember that we're being sold different things in two nearly identically shot commercials?

Vanity Fair helps to illustrate the similarities between Rodarte and Rodarte for Target.  Hmm.  This just makes me sadder that I can't afford the Kate Bosworth/Natalie Portman versions.  I know it's kind of the point, but does Miss Lace Tights have to look SO low budget?



Kit Pollard said...

Have you seen the Rodarte stuff in person? Maybe it's all the netting, but it looks awfully cheap. I mean, I bought a shirt, which I'll probably regret (it's a lacy camisole-type thing), but that was all I could find. And I am usually a sucker for all things designer Target.

ldbahr said...

I just went today, and was completely disappointed. It looked so flimsy and pop-punky!

I did get the striped shirt though...can't ever pass up a semi-french sailor long sleeved tee. The camis weren't bad...but those dresses, ugh!

Kit Pollard said...

I almost bought that striped shirt - until I remembered that I have the EXACT same one from J. Crew.

Probably should've gotten it anyway, since I'm not sure you can have too many French sailor-style shirts.


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