15 December 2009

Listed & Linked: December 15

Listed & Linked

(Instead of annoying friends, strangers, and unassuming gchat link clickers with random interweb findings, I've decided to start a new weekly segment: Listed & Linked.  Check in on Tuesdays.)

Miuccia Prada gets the Metropolitan Opera to recast its extras.  She claimed she couldn't be expected to dress the curvy ones.  [via CocoPerez]

The Hirschorn (more specifically, Director Richard Koshalek) has plans for a $5 million light blue inflatable meeting hall that would fill the courtyard and spill out of the top.  How very UP.  [via The New York Times]

The Onion News Network pokes fun at the whole overanalyzing the subtext of children's lit trend in a segment about the fictional Green Man series. The New York Times says "Mr. Mitchell makes Green Man both a human figure, coping with the banal frustrations of the colored objects he stands next to, and an epic hero." And of course the film version will star Johnny Depp as the Green Man and Tilda Swinton as the Tall Tree. Hehe.

Because you know it'll come up this weekend, Pitchfork announced its Top 100 Songs of 2009.  Two Phoenix songs in the top 10, though?  I'm sure Cadillac is pleased. 

Roger Ebert is highly amusing.  Who knew?  Follow him!
Example: Idiotic bookcases for people who don't read or have many books and possess very bad taste. http://j.mp/67wxA3

"That's a Bingo!"
Definitely one of my top films of the decade, Inglorious Basterds is now out on DVD. GO.

Beer Humor (and OMG people I know!)

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mcslaven said...

When you have a museum with the main problem that people don't know what it is (http://tinyurl.com/5avjdq), it's clear that the best way to improve it is to festoon it with some kind of bluish semiannual balloon-room.


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