16 December 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Disney has just released a beautiful new trailer for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland.

Sadly, I'm unable to embed, but please click here to view.  

So. Very. Excited. 


Kyle said...

1. If we gave a monkey copies of EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, CORPSE BRIDE, and the hideous CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, he could direct a Tim Burton movie better than Tim Burton.
2. Are they going to let Alice speak?
3. Much like Heath Ledger will always be the Joker, Tom Petty will always be the Mad Hatter. To think otherwise is to deceive only yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0JvF9vpqx8

ldbahr said...

I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Much more than the tripped out 70s version at least.


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