09 November 2009

Sophisticated Boom Boom

Gwyneth Paltrow has had some ups and downs nourishing the inner aspect of Goop subscribers.  (Need I rehash the William Joel incident?)  But I must offer some praise - the past few newsletters have been surprisingly accessible, tasteful, and even informative.  From her recommendations on where to eat in LA (Highland Park Taco Trucks and cool downtown speakeasys), to her finds at Topshop and Zara that mimic current Balmain and Lanvin, I'm really pleased with the new modesty of Goop. 

Daniela Kamiliotis, set/costume designer, and VP of Ralph Lauren womens collection 
by Goop recommended photographer The Selby

Now perhaps this shift from came at the urging of  her horrified assistants who, in realizing that no one can afford 18th century porcelain wash basins, and that no one wants to starve themselves on a macrobiotic detox, suggested she take a more pedestrian tone.   Or maybe Gwyneth is actually that teasingly diverse. 

Illustration by Garance Doré
Goop recommended artist/photographer

In any event, Goop is worth it right now.  I'd take a look before she reverts back to incomprehensible riffs on addiction, relationships and healing modalities.


Kyle said...

There's nothing in the Echo Park residents guide about how to respond to a Paltrow/Chris Martin/Apple sighting.

ldbahr said...

The probably have Moses covered though.


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