04 November 2009

Moats & Boats & Waterfalls

It's been performed live on David Letterman and was an NPR song of the day in July...but somehow I've only just been made aware of this joyous anthem.  Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' "Home" is worth listening to a few times.  Kind of weird at first, but by the fourth listen, you'll be hooked.  "Kindness and Clamor" is how NPR described it.

The band is twee in a heartbreakingly sincere way.  Alex Ebert formed it in 2007 after a major label dropped Ima Robot.   Instead of diving into some sort of existential depression, he met a gal and just formed a formed a new one - drawing inspiration from his childhood and the spirit of the Southern Californian community of the late 60s (so essentially nostalgia for an era he wasn't exactly part of...but whatever.)

Of course, Rolling Stone's Jenny Eliscu points out that "there isn't an Edward Sharpe in the group...Ebert named the band after the characters in a novel he was writing about a boy who transcended his dismal world by tapping into some sort of universal music."  Think the story will be published on some re-released liner notes?

The music video is pretty great - folkies running about, sliding down dirt hills, walking through long, dry grass, being backlit by the afternoon sun....actually, it's pretty cheesy, but somehow not obnoxiously so.  Like a Coachella full of innocents. In other words, watch, but mostly listen.

Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros


Most sites are attributing the buzz to their irresistible live performances.  There are some lower quality You Tube videos floating around, and there does seem to be a palpable enthusiasm...stomping, serenading, smiling, etc, that's not captured well in the official music video.  But, they happen to be playing at the Black Cat on November 16.  I think I'll have to go.  


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