30 November 2009


It's officially "End of the Decade" time.  A time to reflect with lots and lots of lists.  Somewhere in my cultural upbringing, I was taught to despise The List.  "Best of..." lists are so addictive, they must be evil and/or middle to non-ironically lowbrow, right?

Well, sensibilities be damned, I am obsessed with The Onion A.V. Club's Best of the Decade feature.  Yes, I'm drawn in by curiosity and an unhealthy need to have A.V. Club validation of my tastes , but once they've been affirmed (ahem, "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" really IS one of the Best Television Episodes of the decade, isn't it? And Wonderfalls? The 7th One-Season Wonder? Awesome.), I'll always read on.  They're smart, terrific writers, and often are able to uncover cultural oddities worth revisiting.  Hell, they even have lists of the best books and short stories

A Gilmore Girls Classic
thanks for the recognition, A.V. Club

Sadly, I think this was a November-only segment.  I'll be sure link to any other great lists that I come across, though. 

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