03 November 2009

For Princesses Only!

Style names should never be taken all that seriously.  For the most part they are used only internally - by the designers, the merchants, the in store folks and for the catalogue copy.  That's not to say that a bit of thought doesn't go into them.  Look at the difference between the Abercrombie names and the J.Crew names. (J.Crew, for example, has the "Ruffled Celosia cardigan" and the "Pleated Paulette top," where Abercrombie has the "Kaylin sweater" and the "Skyler top.")   One going for the old lady/floral combination names and the other for obnoxiously named high schoolers born in the mid-90s.   

Anyway, I came across Gryphon's "Shine Princess Coat" today and couldn't help but laugh.  With a Peter-Pan collar, precious ivory color, and a large sequin runway down the middle front, I think it might even be a bit much for Blair Waldorf.   

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