02 April 2009

Les Lèvres

I found this atrocious ad on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's website.

I've never understood the mass appeal of the full pout. It's sometimes attractive, yes, but it's hard to see it as a real make or break feature. Most of the women I find beautiful in fact have very thin lips - think Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keri Russel, Christy Turlington...the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that this ad only conveys Miss Jolie's thin-lipped ugliness through the copy. Aside the sour expression that the smaller lips are causing, she still looks lovely. Plus the whole concept of lip enhancement seems so 80s, it's just funny.

What made my day, though, was the fact that the "plumping tips" website teases us with Miss Jolie's lips first, and then in the second sentence goes straight to a cartoon character to depict the ideal look- Jessica Rabbit.

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