21 April 2009

Zooey, Part 2: Overexposed

Oh, Zooey. Didn't you read my post on the misguided glamorization of Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Besides, Holly Golightly wore Wayfarers. Not Oliver Peoples. Duh.

15 April 2009

This Week in Whimsy

Zooey Deschanel has made a commercial to promote the fact that she lives, loves and creates in cotton...taking the viewer on a tour of what I'd imagine to be a not so far off representation of her daily life (albeit romanticized, what with her own voice providing the soundtrack.) From a concert, to her piano, to a flea market, to a record store, the commercial shows us the charmed life of a successful and beautiful creative type.

This really just makes me want to buy a bike, though. And get bangs. Sorry, cotton.

08 April 2009

Hold On, Hold On

NPR will be streaming Neko Case's sold out concert tomorrow from Washington DC's 9:30 Club. Crooked Fingers opens at 9:30pm (ha).

Hyperbole runs amok at Style.com!

These are all from the same article. This is what I sound like when I write on 3 glasses of champagne.

On clothes:
“I endlessly crave Givenchy shoes.”
-Virginia Smith, Vogue’s Fashion Market Director

“I would die over one of their crystal necklaces and earrings. So chic!”
-Liz Goldwyn on Viktor & Rolf's collection

“I cannot live without a white dress for summer.”
-Plum Skyes on "a chiffon-and-satin long-sleeved, very seventies dress from Alice Temperley"

Donna Karan [ALSO] claims she cannot live without her safari coat.
On people:
Breathtakingly fashionable writer Marina Rust

Madly chic author Plum Sykes

Paola Bay, designer of the wildly covetable Zoraide handmade shoes
Also, apparently the term "bathing suit" is too pedestrian. Mariana Rust is considering purchasing “the color-blocked maillots from Gap and plain black maillots from Lands’ End.” Anything to make the stores seem less banal, I guess?

02 April 2009

Les Lèvres

I found this atrocious ad on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's website.

I've never understood the mass appeal of the full pout. It's sometimes attractive, yes, but it's hard to see it as a real make or break feature. Most of the women I find beautiful in fact have very thin lips - think Natalie Portman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keri Russel, Christy Turlington...the list goes on. Not to mention the fact that this ad only conveys Miss Jolie's thin-lipped ugliness through the copy. Aside the sour expression that the smaller lips are causing, she still looks lovely. Plus the whole concept of lip enhancement seems so 80s, it's just funny.

What made my day, though, was the fact that the "plumping tips" website teases us with Miss Jolie's lips first, and then in the second sentence goes straight to a cartoon character to depict the ideal look- Jessica Rabbit.


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