22 January 2009

We Own the Sky

Stunningly creative, this fan video of M83's anthem "We Own the Sky" is not to be missed. Shot through a projector, the video was created using paint, waveforms and 7200 frames of clear 16mm film.

The Director says:
The basic idea here is nothing new, as animators and experimental filmmakers alike—Stan Brakhage, most notably—have been painting directly on film since the medium existed. Given the cost of cameras and developing, in many ways it's an innovative low-budget solution to traditional filmmaking. Much of what Brakhage did, though, was purposefully silent—the films themselves were like visual songs—and here I wanted to coordinate with the shifts and repetitions in M83's song. I converted the song to fit the rules of 24 frames per second film speed and then printed off waveforms in 3-second intervals, which I then studied and noted, by frame, where certain changes happened. Then with acryllic paint and lots of time I painted this thing. Running it through my cheap projector (think 1980s Bell and Howell classroom model) nearly destroyed both the film and the machine, as excess paint jammed the mechanisms and flew around my room.

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