09 January 2009

The Dishevelled Snob

The Moment recently profiled a new character on The City, Nevan Donahue and the novelty of his look. Mr. Stein describes:
A pair of boot-leg jeans, a gray polo shirt with its sad, half-popped collar and lowtop Chuck Taylors (worn with ankle socks); this is the outfit of a man unobsessed with looks, a fast-talking man, a man who doesn’t have time for fashion or leave-in conditioner. He also doesn’t seem to care what goes in his body. Eater of goldfish crackers, drinker of Arizona Iced Tea, you are truly a refreshing character. Strange to say for a wealthy Uptown brat, but Nevan Donahue is everyman. He’s the spitting image of a New Yorker.

This, friends, is hardly a new phenomenon for anyone living in the Northeast. The viewing audience may be just too used to watching the over-styled, over-tanned, Southern California fellows of the Hills or the dandies in the fashion business to have noticed, this arguably more terrifying breed of urbane gentlemen. Mr. Donahue is, by no means an "everyman," and seems an almost cliched version of, as Mr. Stein puts it, the "wealthy Uptown brat," making me wonder who Mr. Stein is writing this unhelpful piece of advice for...the same audience that believed the New York of The Devil Wears Prada, perhaps?

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