23 January 2009

CORRECTION: The Absurdity Continues

Sorry, Kanye. I didn't realize the, er, extent of your relationship with Louis Vuitton when I wrote this.
Met her at a beauty salon
With a baby Louis Vuitton
Under her under arm

Last Call
I'm Kan, the Louis Vuitton Don
Bought my mom a purse, now she Louis Vuitton Mom
I ain't play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards
I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars
I went to the malls and I balled too hard
'Oh my god, is that a Black Card?

'Cause this is Louis Vuitton dime night

There are probably others as well. But...wow...that's love.

So it appears that this collaboration on sneakers is exactly what Mr. West has always wanted. Maybe this is just me being sappy because it's beautiful outside and it's Friday and there is just so much damn hope floating around this city, but I find that kind of charming. Apologies for the condescension.

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