22 January 2009

The Absurdity Continues

Kanye West entered the ranks of celebrity guest designers in a baffling and pointless collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and apparently "surprised" an audience in Paris when the sneakers debuted only hours ago on the runway, according to the style blog of the LATimes, All the Rage.

The self-proclaimed "Louis Vuitton don," Mr. West fancies himself a sartorial expert, writing about fashion shows and styles on his blog rather frequently.

The Shoe
available in June(!)

I have more things to say about the now predictable path of fashionable celebrities re-imagining themselves as designers, but will save that for another post. For now, just sit back and bask in the sublime madness of a very talented artist whoring out his name for one of the more mocked and despised labels in the mass luxury goods industry.

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