16 October 2008

Yay, Leanne!

A victory for dorky, mousy, hipster, designery types everywhere! Her "parade of petals" looked best in motion, and overall it was lovely and modern, albeit a little unwearable.

Now that it's over, and now that the show is fated to a painful death on Lifetime, I'll offer one plea: Please support this one. The point of this show (I'd still like to believe) is to help these designers establish themselves...not to turn into pathetic minor reality television celebrities. Despite such exposure none of the designers are doing anything promising, and if they are, they're doing it quietly. (Laura is blogging for Tina Brown's site and establishing herself as a Tory Burch, designing socialite wannabe. Christian has a maternity line...Whoo? And Kara Janx had about 5 versions of the same dress that were sold briefly in boutiques and quickly marked down.)

Anyway, Leanne has a shot. A brief one. Her website has potential, but from what I can tell really only offers one dress for sale.

Hopefully it will improve in the coming days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think you look forward to the idea that the pr contestants have a short lived future, what do you do for a living you stupid smuck, write a blog????? get a life, they are all doing great.....IDIOT!


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