07 September 2008

Age of Innocence

Taylor Momsen is 15 years old. Forgive me if I sound a little prudish, but aren't these looks...a bit much?

I hardly care whether or not she has some sort of responsibility to be a role model. Attempts to control young stars to keep them publicly innocent often end disastrously (ahem, Britney) and the world loves redeemed wild childs (Drew Barrymore) so perhaps it's best to just let 'em go. But, yikes, Ms. Momsen is just so pretty and fresh faced, I'm curious who is making the decisions to go with the leather and the eyeliner. Is she trying to upstage her Gossip Girl co-stars? Maybe she is going along with the "real life party people" narrative that the producers so shamelessly feed the media. Whatever the reason - it's not a good look.

Granted, at age 13, I thought intense black eyeliner was a terrific idea and couldn't be convinced otherwise. Though, I'd like to think that if I'd had a staff of makeup artists, costume designers and studio executives all invested in my image that someone would take away the eyeliner and assure me that channeling Debbie Harry is only fun at costume parties.

Ok...so the first photo was from Fashion Rocks during Fashion Week which does relax standards. But I'm still bothered by her age, the attitude, the fact that a lot of people were involved in the decision to dress her like that and also that Debbie Harry was at the same damn party, who probably wanted to beat up the little twerp for shamelessly borrowing her look without even having the excuse of being a rock star in 1980 with a famous coke habit.

PS - does she look kind of drunk in the first photo?

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