09 August 2008

Farewell, Scattered Pearls

My oh-so-clever blog title "Scattered Pearls" that I unabashedly stole from a Casiotone for the Painfully Alone song was about a girl who's pearl necklace breaks when she's out one night.

"And as we rode the bus home I thought surely
I'd wake up tomorrow just to find
that I had dreamed up everything,
there'd still be pearls on a string,
I wouldn't smell like smoke & I'd still
have the cash that I had spent on drinks."

It's an unbelievably catchy song, sort of precious and just obscure enough. But apparently there are some other, more controversial associations as well (thanks(?) to my mother's concerned Google search).

So I had no other choice than to change it to something much more pretentious.

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