07 August 2008

The Fake Waif

Katie, darling, everyone agrees - those jeans are not flattering. The look she's attempting is bold, fresh and incredibly alluring...cool, slouchy and boyish. (Please see the J.Crew model to the right.) Who doesn't want to appear that effortless?

But they don't work on Katie Holmes at all, and I'm not sure exactly why. Though I suspect it's for the following reasons:

1) Katie is actually walking, not posing in a predetermined to be flattering manner.
2) Katie has leg muscles.
3) Katie isn't completely flat (If you're nothing but bones up top, slouch IS flattering. Any curves at all and you may as well be wearing a mumu.)

Essentially, Katie thinks she's a waif, and therefore feels the right to experiment. She really needn't though, since she simply isn't one. Sorry.

Wicked? Possibly. But please, if you are any of the above, don't delude yourself into thinking that you are Kate Moss in 1994.

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