21 July 2008

A Matter of Arms

How exciting that sleeves, and not hemlines, are the new area of interest this fall. A particularly elegant area to emphasize, designers seem eager to experiment with embellishment, proportion, and length - sometimes resulting in something completely impractical and unwearable. The Slate piece linked above shows a photograph from the Junya Watanabe ready to wear show that, although striking (the mask might also have something to do with that), looks a bit like a straight jacket. But my, isn't it dramatic!

Sleeves call for intricate construction and a
proper fit, both of which are nightmares for mass retailers and production lines. Once again, it seems, sleeves may for a few months be a true signifier of wealth. Many of these looks do require the most sinewy of arms to pull off, though. Even toned arms have the potential to look ridiculous in a volume sleeve, though Lanvin's ribbon sleeve (left) is stunning and wearable even for the non-waifs. Regardless, it's fun, new and much more interesting to consider than the annual revelation that TWEED is BACK for fall!

It is likely, though, that Ann
e Shirley is to blame for my sleeve lust.
hat girl doesn't want puffy sleeves at the ball?

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